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IIS 6.0 does not support URL Rewriting, directly. But writing your own HttpHandler, you specify meanful URLs for your web application. That feature gives much more information to Search Engines ( especially Google ) about your page.


In the scenario, we publish articles from the our pages. And we do not want URLs ( like .../default.aspx?id=445 ).


public void Page_Load(object sender,System.EventArgs e)
string sId = Request.QueryString("id");

//Connect database and Get Data with sID
// We just simply write sId on the page


and then we implement IHttpHandlerFactory interface

public class myHandler : IHttpHandlerFactory

public IHttpHandler GetHandler(HttpContext context, string requestType, string url, string pathTranslated)

int s1 = context.Request.RawUrl.LastIndexOf("/");
int s2 = context.Request.RawUrl.LastIndexOf(".");

// we find id section of the requested URL ( )
string sID = context.Request.RawUrl.Substring(s1 + 1, s2 - s1 -1);

//Then rewrite the URL Path of the context
context.RewritePath(context.Request.RawUrl + string.Format("?id={0}", sID));

//Call the page which execute the code by using sID
return PageParser.GetCompiledPageInstance("~/default.aspx", pathTranslated, context);


IIS Settings
Open properties window of your application. From configuration section, add new extension which is be handled by aspnet_isapi.dll

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